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Tourism had significant losses for sleddog owners in the north of Sweden this year due to Covid19 and it can also be assumed that the situation will worsen in the winter. No flights, quarantine measures in other countries, etc. We all need to support sled dogs in Sweden as much as possible so that they can continue to receive the usual good care.


Among the shades of those small-businesses hit by the pandemic, there are some special companies in Sweden which offer unique experiences to guests from all over the world: sleddogs as an amazing link between humans and nature. These athletic dogs offer humans to enjoy Swedens winter-wonderland in a way nothing else provides: calm, environmental friendly and overwhelmingly.


Now primarily those amazing dogs need our attention, they should not suffer in any way from the pandemic, they should get our full attention during the pandemic crisis. 


But help is out there. In order to help those kennels to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, we (as having a small sleddog kennel in delight of running with those amazing dogs in the wonderful Swedish winterland) started to found an organization which will support those small businesses in taking care for their dogs during those hard times. 


The charitable organisation is providing donations of dog-food for small-business owners running a tourism kennel and financially affected as a result of the coronavirus.

So kannst Du helfen: 



Produkte um dieses Projekt zu unterstützen: 

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